Winnie Chan is a freelance consultant in design, marketing and IT industry.

Winnie was born in Hong Kong where West meets East. She studied Diploma and BA in Design Studies at Hong Kong Polytechnics University. She also completed an architecture course at City University of Hong Kong.

Her work experience covers different international (China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan the UK) and local companies (Hong Kong) over 10 years.

After having worked 10 years in Hong Kong, she decided to resume her studies and came to the UK at the Northumbria University in Newcastle where she graduated with a Master Degree in Design Management with Distinction.

Winnie understands culture differences as she studied in the UK, she is from Hong Kong and her husband is French. They live in England.

Winnie likes painting (oil and watercolours), craft such as making jewellery. She is also an artist at Cambridge Open Studio.

Mobile App, Web & Graphic Design

Design and give an advice on design direction of multi-media & graphic design including mobile app, website, advertising, logo, poster and brochure.